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Industrial Wire Containers (W-009)

Wire container with wood pallet
Wire diameter: 4 - 6 MM.
Mesh gauge (mm):mainly in 50 × 50, 65 × 120, 
62 × 125.

Surface treatment: hot dip galvanized, PVC coated.
The materials  can be stainless steel wires or brass wires,  both of them have high strength.
The structure of the wire container's feet shows that they can bear high loading capacity.

You can get all wire containers from us!Welcome your inquiry.

Product Description ( wire container specs)

The drop gate ensures an easy access for storage and fetching, and the feet ensures high loading capacity.

Anti-rust and corrosion resistant after electron galvanization.

4-way forklift access.

Front drop gate for easy access.

High strength structure design ensure secure and compact storage.

The open mesh welded body provides good visibility of the content and minimize dust or dirt.

Easy installation of casters.

Collapsible wire container standard features

Stacking Feet

Half drop down gate

ID plate

Collapsible Wire Container Additional Options


Security lid


Fork sleeves

Runner bars


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